New Music From Tommy & The High Pilots: Watch Their 'Only Human' Lyric Video


Tommy & The High Pilots: good pants, good voices! 

We haven't heard from Santa Barbara's Tommy & The High Pilots and their perfectly color-coordinated outfits since 2011's Sawhorse Sessions and 2010's American Riviera (though we did recently catch them in a monochromatic moment during last summer's "Buzzworthy Live" performance). Now, the bros are back with a lyric video for their brand-new song, "Only Human," the title track from their upcoming album of the same name.

Watch Tommy & The High Pilots' "Only Human" lyric video after the jump.

While the High Pilots' Pantone pants don't appear in their lyric video (boo), we do see a bunch of bizarre monster-y drawings that don't exactly line up with the song's lyrics (unless Tommy & Co. are hinting that humans are monsters... hmmm). Also, who doesn't love rockers who get down with metaphors?! The English major in me is swooning. As the monster-y atom things flash across the screen, lead singer Tommy Cantillon's vocals drive the song along, infusing the rock-influenced track with an undercurrent of pop and and even a little R&B (we hear that vibrato!).

Be on the lookout for Tommy & The High Pilots' new full-length disc, Only Human, when it drops on May 28.

+ Watch Tommy & The High Pilots' "Only Human" lyric video.

Photo credit: Matt Odom