Adam Lambert Slays Shanghai In A Bright Blue Suit, Which No One Is Mad At, Obviously (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert rocks a bright blue suit in concert, just like John Mayer at the 2013 Grammys!

Adam Lambert rocks a crazy bright blue suit in Shanghai!

Saying that Adam Lambert isn't fashion-forward is like saying that puppies, kittens, and babies in sunglasses aren't cute -- it's just UNTRUE. That's why we are LIVING for this bright blue suit Adam wore on stage while performing in Shanghai. (Just throw in an oversized collar, bell-bottoms, and a mustache, and he'd be in full '70s throwback mode -- or would that be powder blue? Maybe this is more '80s.) You may also notice how Adam's suit resembles what John Mayer wore to the Grammys! We'd like to imagine that Adam saw John at the Grammys and was all, "Yo, Mayer, I see your blue jacket... and I raise you an entire suit in a bolder hue. I win. Bye." And then, we'd like to imagine that John bowed down because, um, it's Adam Lambert and you bow down to Adam whenever he speaks.

The "Stay" singer has performed in all kinds of dark and fringy outfits while on tour in Asia, but this time Adam showed off this buh-RITE ensemble while on stage in Shanghai. Actually, judging by this photo, it also seems like he's also serving some serious Glam Angles while performing (btw, real Glamberts know that a Glam Angle is any flawless angle Adam gives us in a photo). Now, excuse us while we hunt down every Crayola or Benjamin Moore contact we can find, then DEMAND there be a new color added to the collection called Glambert Blue.

Photo credit: Getty Images