Video Premiere: Dad Punchers, 'Tire Swing'

Watch Dad Punchers' video for "Tire Swing."

Elliot Babin of Dad Punchers goes for a surf in his new "Tire Swing" video.

Between his roles as the drummer for post-hardcore revivalists Touché Amoré and thrashcore band DNF, Elliot Babin has spent a significant portion of the past few years on the road. You can't blame him for feeling a little down at times, right? As drummers often do, however, he's also spent some of that time behind the kit dreaming up songs of his own, which he recorded under the name Dad Punchers. The result, a self-titled LP out earlier this year on Sea Legs Records, is a blend of away-from-home weariness and throwback emo, best exemplified by "Tire Swing."

Watch Dad Punchers' "Tire Swing" after the jump.

"Feeling nostalgic to the point where you feel sick," Babin sings in the video, itself a grainy, home movie-style clip that matches the song's reflective tone. The song, which diverts from the aggression of his other two bands, manages to mine a more distant musical past for influence. The intricately interwoven guitar lines on "Tire Swing," and the rest of the LP, are vintage late '90s emo in the American Football mold, with stop and start dynamics that erupt into disheveled, shouty punk that, to be honest, is making us feel a little nostalgic ourselves right for some vintage Piebald.

"We shot this on a Super 8 film camera from the 1960s on a freezing Janurary afternoon," Babin explained of the shoot, aided by Ramez Silyan. "It ties in thematically with the song and was a lot of fun to make."

Not much happens in the clip, however -- Babin wakes up, skateboards down to the beach, and jumps into the ocean with all of his clothes on to go body surfing -- but that's kind of the point, nothing much ever really happens, does it?  Those periods of nothingness are sometimes the ones we end up missing the most.

+ Watch Dad Punchers' "Tire Swing" video.

Photo credit: Sea Legs Records