Video Premiere: All Time Low, 'Somewhere In Neverland'

Watch All Time Low's "Somewhere In Neverland" video.

All Time Low go for a magical ride in their "Somewhere In Neverland" video.

"Wendy, run away with me," All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth sings in "Somewhere in Neverland." But don't look for Peter Pan in the band's new video. Instead, Gaskarth and the band (and a mysterious blonde, whose name I bet you can guess) look for magic on their own, escaping the snooze cruise of working 9 to 5 and leaping into an animated adventure. The video, full of props and construction paper straight from your high school play, captures the band flying a hot-air balloon into space and through a magic cave, where they attempt to eat dinner with giant-size silverware. All that, plus Gaskarth shooting the band out of a cannon. Boom.

Watch All Time Low's "Somewhere In Neverland" video after the jump.

For a song about trying to stay young, the imaginative video's the perfect fit -- even if Captain Hook doesn't make the cut. The single's the latest from Don't Panic, the group's fifth album, which dropped on Hopeless Records last fall. All Time Low is playing about a million shows this year, rocking through Singapore and Japan in March before heading back to the U.S. for two months of touring. As Will Ferrell once said, bring your green hat.

+ Watch All Time Low's "Somewhere In Neverland" video.

Photo credit: Hopeless Records