New Video: Marina And The Diamonds, 'The State Of Dreaming'

Watch Marina And The Diamonds' "The State Of Dreaming" video.

Marina Diamandis is a scarlet temptress in her "The State Of Dreaming" video.

Exotic pop goddess Marina Diamandis of Marina And The Diamonds just keeps on churning out those sexy Electra Heart videos, and given the singer's new antihero pop vibe and alter ego, we're not exactly complaining. Even in her pre-heart tattoo days, Marina's had us hooked for quite some time (see: indie-pop bangers like "I Am Not A Robot" and "Hollywood"). After releasing cheeky-sexy videos for "Radioactive," "How To Be A Heartbreaker" and "Primadonna," the Welsch songstress is back with a vampish new video for "The State Of Dreaming," the latest single off Electra Heart.

Watch Marina And The Diamonds' "The State Of Dreaming" video after the jump.

Opening in vintage black-and-white, "The State Of Dreaming" has Marina channeling Jane Olsen in "The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari" -- she's all dramatic expressionist eye makeup, pale skin, and dark, dark hair. But unlike Jane, Marina's no damsel in distress -- as the lights fade in, she sits up in an old Hollywood scarlet gown and croons in her thick, accented voice: "My life is a play/ Yeah I’ve been living in the state of dreaming/ living in a make-believe land/ living in the state of dreaming." As the mid-tempto dance track kicks into gear, the alluring Marina stays put but sings into the camera, raising up her arms for emphasis, making sure we see every inch of her perfectly drawn red lips. Step into the dream below.

+ Watch Marina And The Diamonds' "The State Of Dreaming" video.

Photo credit: Warner Bros U.K.