Video Premiere: June Divided, 'Secrets'


June Divided attempt a bank robbery in their brand-new video for "Secrets."

How's a rock band supposed to make any money these days anyway? Unless you've reached the Rihanna rung on the fame ladder, making a solid buck just isn't as easy as it used to be for your average musician (thank you, Napster, and every post-Napster downloading service). Perhaps that's why pop-rock/punk outfit June Divided felt the need to rob a bank in their video for "Secrets" -- that's the quickest cash solution, right? Those student loans and band fees won't pay themselves.

Watch June Divided's "Secrets" video after the jump.

In "Secrets," a guitar-driven, Paramore-esque track off June Divided's debut album Backbone, the band nab a hefty chunk of change, which they promptly use to buy some excellent guitars and band gear so they can play a show that night. Trouble is, the band didn't cover their tracks too well. In what is probably the most literal depiction of a punk rock "I fought the law" situation, the band get apprehended mid-concert and are literally dragged offstage by the police. But the police, turns out, are easily bought. *Shakes head* The band swiftly pay their captors off with the stolen money, and we're left with an image of the police gleefully counting their cash as June Divided drive away. Guess the law didn't win this time.

"There's a few statements about the music industry in 'Secrets,'" said June Divided lead singer Melissa Menago about their new video. "Those kinds of statements are in a lot of the songs on our full-length, and we definitely poked some fun at issues we've run into in our careers. The music video for 'Secrets' is kind of like a follow-up to that. If you’ve ever been desperate enough to sacrifice everything in the name of doing what you love, you probably get it."

We definitely relate to June Divided's, shall we say, get-rich-quick fantasies -- it ain't exactly easy being a writer these days, either. But if you have any creative inclinations, we recommend taking Melissa's last word of advice to heart: "Just don’t ever actually rob a bank, that’s a horrible idea."

+ Watch June Divided's "Secrets" video.

Photo credit: Derek Brad Photography