Star Spotting: Kimye Raise The Match-Matchy Bar, Dress Like A Black-And-White Cookie At Paris Fashion Week (PHOTO)

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian wear matching outfits at Paris Fashion Week.

Kimye can now add "human black-and-white cookie" to their list of matchy-matchy outfits.

As you know, it's not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's first time at the "Aww, they coordinated their outfits!" rodeo. Because in addition to that time they wore matching "his and hers" nautical Halloween costumes, Kimye's also been seen rocking matching Air Yeezys, matching all-white everything, and perfectly coordinated "white on the top, black on the bottom" ensembles in L.A. But we've NEVER seen Kimye dressed like a couture-clad, human black-and-white cookie before! Until now, of course.

Kim and Kanye were snapped yesterday rocking clearly prearranged black-and-white suits while sitting front row at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week show. Sadly, black-and-white cookies aren't really a "thing" in Paris (next time they should toooootally dress like baguettes!), but the couple's dessert-inspired outfit deeply resonated for us black-and-white cookie-loving Americans who also happen to stalk Kimye's every move. (Also, most expensive black-and-white cookie ever, amirite? You won't find that at your corner bodega.) Lastly, Kimye probably shouldn't tell Lady Gaga about this latest ensemble, considering Gaga's already a lil' pissed at Kim for poaching her stylist, Nicola Formichetti. That said, there are enough cookie-themed outfits to go around, ladies!

Photo credit: Getty Images