Watch Demi Lovato's 'Heart Attack' Lyric Video

Demi Lovato released the lyric video for her new single "Heart Attack."

Watch (and memorize the words to) Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack" lyric video!

If we've learned anything here at Buzzworthy, it's that Demi Lovato's fan army is NOT to be messed with -- they didn't win MTV's Last Fan Standing contest for nothing. So when Demi's new single, "Heart Attack," dropped earlier this week, we knew it would blow up ALL social sites. And when they were tasked with posting enough tweets to unlock the "Heart Attack" lyric video, we knew the Lovatics wouldn't even break a sweat. Thanks to them, now we can ALL learn the lyrics to Demi's new song, then sing it every chance we get (at karaoke, in the shower, in the car, on the subway, skipping down the street -- sky's the limit). #ThankYouLovatics #BuzzworthyHeartsYou

Watch the lyric video for Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack" after the jump.

Although the clip doesn't have a plot (which tends to be the case with most lyric videos), there's still a "Deeper Demi Meaning," if you see what we mean. In a heartfelt toast to Demi's Twitter followers, the video features "Heart Attack"'s lyrics floating in a sea of hashtags frequently used by Lovatics (#demiismyqueen, #demisavedourlives, #demiperfectvato, to name a few). The subtle nod from Demi thanking her fans means a lot, and we'd like to send you some thanks as well! Thank you for this song, and thank you for telling Ryan Seacrest that the track is about "other situations where I felt abandoned in my life and when you open up your heart to somebody." Thank you for recording brand-new music despite a bummer leg injury, and thank you for making walking canes fashionable! Er, you guys should probably start watching the video now, because we could probably go on thanking Demi all day.

+ Watch the lyric video for Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack."

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