New Song: Passion Pit Featuring Juicy J, 'Constant Conversations' Remix (NSFW)

Indie-poppers Passion Pit recruit trippy rapper Juicy J for the remix to their song "Constant Conversations."

Passion Pit recruit Juicy J for their "Constant Conversations" remix.

We adore indie pop outfit Passion Pit for several reasons, and they don't all have to do with Sophia Bush. Mostly we love the way they seamlessly meld pop with a number of other genres like electronic music and R&B -- but despite how ahead of the curve we thought they were, NO ONE was expecting the group to ask Three 6 Mafia member and "Bandz A Make Her Dance" rapper Juicy J to hop on the remix bandwagon for Gossamer's "Constant Conversations." And if you DID see that coming... can you help us with a few lotto numbers?

Listen to Passion Pit featuring Juicy J's "Constant Conversations" remix after the jump.

Typically, we're used to hearing Juicy rhyme about his crazy party life, but on Passion Pit's track, Juicy switches gears to gush about a woman he just can't get out of his head (we never knew you were such a romantic, Juice!). "Ghost love story like Patrick Swayze/ Back of the Ghost like Miss Daisy/ One night we're gonna ride to Vegas/ Let's get married and make a baby," he sweetly rhymes on the slow jam. (Of course he rhymes about getting her naked, too, but he wouldn't be Juicy J if he didn't.) Seriously though, Juicy J talkin' bout babies? Maybe he's been chatting with Rihanna? Suddenly everyone in the hip-hop/R&B industry wants to get preg! Check it out below.

+ Listen to Passion Pit featuring Juicy J's "Constant Conversations" remix (NSFW).

Photo credit: Columbia Records

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