New Video: Nelly, 'Hey Porsche'


Nelly gets the car AND the girl.

When we first heard Nelly's new single "Hey Porsche," we had a hard time figuring out whether he was singing about a super-sexy sports car, a super-sexy babe, or... both. Well, guess what? Now that Nelly's official "Hey Porsche" video has dropped, WE HAVE THE ANSWER! And obviously, it's BOTH! Because what good is a smokin' hot, overpriced vehicle if you don't have a bangin' babe to put in it?? NOTHING.

Watch Nelly's "Hey Porsche" video after the jump.

The first single off Nelly's seventh album, M.O. (still no official release date, FYI), "Hey Porsche" stars Nelly as an auto mechanic fixing a classic vintage -- wait for it -- Porsche. And the car's owner is -- surprise, surprise -- a seriously gorgeous woman. Next thing we know, Nelly has somehow managed to talk this girl into taking a ride with him (take that double entendre as you will), and they drive off into the sunset to go live their #bestlife. In his own words, Nelly explains, "You have this girl, she's bad as hell. You have this car and you start to realize they both go together. If you're lucky enough to have the car and the girl, then you the man." We couldn't agree more, although we do tend to get a little claustrophobic in those tiny sports cars, so if it's all the same to you, Nelly, we'd much prefer you whisk us away in a nice and airy Land Rover. Cool?

Watch Nelly's "Hey Porsche" video.

Photo credit: Nelly's Facebook.