Rihanna Gets Two Elle U.K. Covers, Talks About HAVING A CHILD (!!!!) (PHOTO)

Rihanna wears her River Island collection on the cover of Elle UK, tells mag she "will have a child."

Rihanna got not one, but TWO Elle U.K. covers.

Honestly, THANK YOU, ELLE U.K. MAGAZINE! Because while we're usually content with one Rihanna mag cover, Elle U.K. gave their April cover girl a whopping TWO. Not to mention the totally juicy interview inside, where Rihanna confesses that she wants... A BABY! Brace yourselves, Rihanna #NAVY, 'cause your queen wants to have a princess!

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While she's showing off pieces from her River Island collection on Elle's cover (we are LIVING for that checkered crop top), inside the issue, Rihanna opens up about her desire to start a family, saying, "I will have a child." And while that's currently the only tidbit we've got from Ri's candid interview, we're also kinda like, "DO WE NEED ANY MORE?" Try to remember the feeling you got when you saw Wiz Khalifa holding new baby Sebastian, then multiply it by 10 million to feel what it would be like to witness Rihanna striking that SAME pose!

We might feel a little caught off guard by the "Stay" singer's "I want kids" declaration, but we have no doubt that when her time does come, Rihanna will rival any and all preggo ladies for the "Most Chic Bump Ever" award. Also, obviously Ri's future tot will have the best-dressed mom (next to Beyoncé, obvs) with the most scandalous Instagrams and history of NGAF. Oh, and we're suuuuuper sorry, Jessica Simpson, but RiRi's got the "Best Pregnant Lady In Heels" category on lock, too.

Photo credit: Elle UK's Facebook