Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Steps Out In Abs And Baggy Pants For His Birthday! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber goes shirtless in London, but his abs will keep him warm!

Don't worry -- Justin Bieber's abs will keep him warm.

It's been a Justin Bieber-heavy few days, but (1) when has that ever been a problem for ANYONE, and (2) when you wear a definitely almost diaper, you kinda deserve to be revered, praised, and talked about all the time. Besides, today is The Biebs' 19th birthday (!!!), so we kinda feel like we have full license to yack on about him (and only him) for at least the next 24 hours. Which brings us to our most important point: Were you guys aware that Justin Bieber wore only his rock-hard abs and some baggy pants in the freezing cold London weather? Because that's precisely what happened LAST NIGHT, on the eve of his 19th birthday, and we've got VISUAL PROOF!

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The "Right Here" singer, who started his 1-9 celebration a bit early, was snapped totally shirtless while returning to his hotel after playing a sold-out performance in Birmingham, England. And mind you, it's still pretty damn frigid in London, but we have a hunch that Justin's milli-pack ab situation probably kept him warmer than one of those hideous floor-length, goose down puffy coats ever could. So, happy birthday, Justin! May you have happiness, success, love, and the ability to maintain your stunning physique until you're at least 42. Because that would be the greatest gift of all!

Justin Bieber goes out for his 19th birthday.

Hope someone got you a belt for your birthday, Justin!

Photo credit: Splash News