Happy 19th Birthday, Justin Bieber! Here Are 19 Of Your Swaggiest GIFs!!

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HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY, JUSTIN BIEBER!!! Beliebers, as many of you probably know, our young King Biebs is 19 years old today. Which legally… really means nothing. Sorry you can’t go and pop some bubbly with your BFFs, Justin, but hey, it’s still your day! And we intend to celebrate it the ONLY way we know how — by staring at moving pictures (many of them shirtless, because duh) of you and daydreaming about how you would share your special day with us. (We envision jetting off to Paris or Rome, setting sail on a swaggy boat, eating all kinds of calorie-rich things, shopping for drop-crotch pants, etc.) And even though you’ve had a few setbacks this year (RIP Justin + Selena, morphing into Vanilla Ice, wearing pants that look like you’re carrying some “extra baggage”), things in general have been fantastic. Both¬†Believe AND Believe Acoustic continue to be our EVERYTHING, you’re the best sibling anyone could ask for, and… oh yeah… YOU’RE FILTHY RICH — so much so that it’s literally lining your pants. So, raise your (alcohol-free) glass of sparkling apple cider, Justin, to another year that topped the one before it. One day in your swaggy life is better and more swaggy than most boring, normal people’s entire lives. Now, please enjoy our gift to you: a collection of the SWAGGIEST (and in some cases, crotch-grabbing) GIFs. Of you. For you. From us. <3

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