Video Premiere: Sabrina Antoinette, 'I Know You're Out There'


Sabrina Antoinette roams the city streets in her "I Know You're Out There" video.

Meet Sabrina Antoinette: Aside from having a gorgeous, regal-sounding name and completely enviable hair (it's kind of like a Janelle Monáe-meets-Billy Ray Cyrus mullet/rattail -- but in the BEST way possible), the Texas native is signed to Chris Brown's record label and has already been featured on his Grammy-nominated disc, Fortune. We should also point out that the gal can SANG. Not sing. SANG. And now Sabrina's looking for *The One* (aren't we all, sistah?) in her debut video for "I Know You're Out There."

Watch Sabrina Antoinette's "I Know You're Out There" video after the jump.

As her sugary sweet dance-pop record thumps in the background, Sabrina travels the world, roaming city streets, green forests, and deserts (all without shedding one BEAD of sweat, mind you) searching for "the one." Clearly her dating budget is richer than ours, which is really just confined to OKCupid. Naturally, Sabrina's rocking some sick style on her global trip -- our personal favorite's a Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez-esqe "Deep-V" suit jacket she wears as cars speed by, miraculously without killing her.

The end of the video finds Sabrina on an empty beach, still searching for the elusive "one," when -- SPOILER -- she finds him! SECOND SPOILER: He's Chris Brown! The clip closes with an almost make-out sesh between Sabrina and Chris, but he put the brakes on before anything gets TOO real. Because, well, RIHANNA, you know?

+ Watch Sabrina Antoinette's "I Know You're Out There" video.

 Photo credit: CBE Records

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