Watch Lawson's 'Buzzworthy Live' Acoustic Performance Of 'Standing In The Dark' (VIDEO)

Watch Lawson sing an acoustic rendition of "Standing In The Dark."

Lawson stopped by MTV for an acoustic performance of "Standing In The Dark."

It used to be that all we'd have to look forward to on a Monday was our morning cup of English Breakfast tea...(OK, three cups). But this Monday is something else all together, because in addition to our five cups of tea (caffeine counts as a food group, right?), we get to spend the day with a hot British pop band, otherwise known as Lawson! And it's funny, too, because just the other day we were thinking to ourselves, "Wouldn't Monday feel TOTALLY worth it if we could stop everything to watch four hot dudes in tight V-necks sang an acoustic version of "Standing In The Dark," aka THE most romantic song we've heard in a minute? And then if they felt compelled to take us out for lunch, dinner, and dancing? Followed by a late-night snack? And then maybe something about... us dancing provocatively on a table, and then those V-necks coming off? Well, apparently dreams do come true... the part where Lawson sings an acoustic rendition of "Standing In The Dark" in tight V-necks, that is. (We're still waiting on that date and the shirts off thing...) Watch it below!

+ Watch Lawson's Buzzworthy Live acoustic performance of "Standing In The Dark."

Photo credit: Tamar Anitai