Watch Austin Mahone's Acoustic Piano Version Of 'Say You're Just A Friend' (VIDEO)


Austin Mahone delivers a stripped-down version of  "Say You're Just A Friend."

Just so we're all totally clear, Austin Mahone is quite literally the gift that keeps on GIVING! Because in addition to all those shirtless ab shots, that time he posed as a race car driver, and the general existence of the word "Mahomies," the Artist To Watch for 2013 has just released a perfectly emo, would-definitely-make-us-fall-in-love-with-him-if-we-were-16 acoustic version of his Flo Rida-assisted track, "Say You're Just A Friend."

Watch the acoustic version of Austin Mahone's "Say You're Just A Friend" after the jump.

Shot in black-and-white, the simple clip features only Austin (sorry, no Flo Rida this time), who is seated at the piano belting out (and sometimes rapping) his hit. Maybe some of you were hoping for more bells and whistles, but it's not called an "acoustic" for nothing! We are TOTALLY satisfied with Austin's expert-level piano playing and top-notch Justin Bieber-esque pop vocals. We were kinda expecting/hoping/dying for Flo Rida to pop out from behind the curtain and drop a more subdued version of his verse, but we guess the mere presence of Flo's guns would have ruined Austin's super chill "play this song at teenage prom" vibe.

+ Watch the acoustic version of Austin Mahone's "Say You're Just A Friend."

Photo credit: Chase/Universal

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