New Video: Master Shortie Featuring Rizzle Kicks, 'Common People' (NSFW)

Master Shortie teams with U.K. rappers Rizzle Kicks for his latest video, "Common People."

It's a British rap-a-palooza!

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we've totally got the 411 on all the hot British hip-hop acts. We already told y'all about British rapper Master Shortie when we brought you his Bruno Mars-assisted banger, "All I Need." Shortly after, we buzzed about Rizzle Kicks, the English hip-hop duo from Brighton, then kindly showed you the boys' eerie video for "Dreamers" a month later. Now, Master Shortie and Rizzle Kicks have joined forces for a reinterpretation of Pulp's Britpop classic "Common People," a track from Shortie's brand-new mixtape, Studying Abroad. Also, THERE'S A VIDEO! Or, in other words, it's a lucky day for Anglophiles and/or anyone who likes boys with cute British accents.

Watch Master Shortie featuring Rizzle Kicks' "Common People" video after the jump.

In the "Common People" video, Shortie raps about what you do for fun when you don't have a lot of money, which naturally includes, "sleeping with common people." (Ladies, you may legit have a chance!!) Unfortunately, we don't get to see either Shortie or Rizzle Kicks' adorable British mugs in the clip (save for a few press photos), but we are treated to a video collage featuring images of super rich kids (Frank Ocean ref obviously intended) doing super-rich things, interspersed with images of normal peeps doing mundane things like riding the bus. And don't get us wrong -- we're totally into hooking up with "Common People" too, but in no world would we ever scoff at the chance to shag Ryan Gosling. But neither would you.

+ Watch Master Shortie featuring Rizzle Kicks' "Common People" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: RPM Music & Get Right Records