Star Spotting: These Are SUPPOSED To Be Wax Figures Of Beyoncé And Britney Spears (PHOTO)

Beyoncé's and Britney Spears' wax figures get displayed in an airport in Sydney, Australia.

There are deeply inaccurate Beyoncé and Britney Spears wax figures living in Sydney, Australia.

We're all about artistic license around here, but we're not sure how to feel about these Beyoncé and Britney Spears wax figures in Sydney, Australia's airport. (Yup! That's who they're supposed to look like...) We've seen plenty of pop star wax statues in our day (remember Katy Perry's, Rihanna's, Selena Gomez's and Justin Bieber's?), so we're going to give our official artistic critique: WHAT. HAPPENED. HERE!?! Ummm... at least they got the MTV VMA trophy right!?

OK, maybe we're being a little hard on the artist who made these brutal failures wax renditions. I mean, they were rendered for a good cause -- they're supposed to commemorate Australian Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. And wax can't be an easy medium to work with! Plus, we can only imagine the intense pressure the Madame Tussauds sculptor felt when forging two of the most FLAWLESS/EPIC/TALENTED women in the world. S/he was probably all, "Uhhh, you want me to do what... I'm not EFFING Michelangelo!" Let's just be real. If we saw these two statues chilling in an airport terminal, we'd be posing with them so hard, then Instagramming the ish out of the photos. We'd just use A TON of filters to fool everyone.

Photo credit: Getty Images