New Video: Blondfire, 'Where the Kids Are'

Growing up is weird in the new Blondfire video, "Where The Kids Are."

Growing up is weird in the new Blondfire video, "Where The Kids Are."

The central metaphor of any coming-of-age story -- "The Chronicles of Narnia," for example -- often revolves around children passing through an object portal that's meant to represent maturity. That same metaphor is at play in the new video for Blondfire's "Where the Kids Are" from their Young Heart EP. (Noticing a trend there?) The two teenagers in the video pass through the veil of a tent into a world of strange new colors and sounds, and there's a ladder involved that's definitely doing some heavy symbolic work here. Long story short, growing up is weird.

Watch Blondfire's "Where The Kids Are" video after the jump.

The clip, which looks like if Wes Anderson did Willy Wonka-style psychedelia, follows the two stars from adolescence to a more age-appropriate romantic interlude, with a stop off for a pretty gross/awesome looking spaghetti bath. Yup, growing up is DEFINITELY weird.

"Live it up/ You're growing up," vocalist Erica Driscoll sings in a lilting, heavily affected echo, "Parties in the wilderness of life/ Light it up/ Just give it up/ We're the kids who are running free tonight." Perhaps there's so much youthful symbolism here because the band's two members, including Bruce Driscoll, are a brother-sister combo. Their wistful, languid, electronic-tinged rock tracks are like a slightly more futuristic version of another sibling duo, the like-minded Wild Belle. It might be a good idea to go make friends with your brother or sister when you're done reading this, BTW. Who knows, right now they seem like annoying little brats, but who knows? They could be extremely useful for band-starting purposes!

+ Watch Blondfire's "Where The Kids Are" video.

Photo credit: Eliot Lee Hazel