Star Spotting: Joe Jonas Is A Fierce Paint-BALLER (PHOTO)

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 9.19.03 AM

Nothing like a little paintball to get the heart rate up!

What do WE do when we need to relieve stress? Down a flaxseed-infused kale shake, head to Pilates, and then maybe to  J.Crew for a little retail therapy. What does middle JoBro Joe Jonas do when he needs to relieve a little stress? As it would appear, throw on a black khaki onesie with reflection tape on the pockets and play a rousing game of paintball with his brother-in law (aka Danielle Jonas' brother), Mikey! Different strokes, y'know?

And seriously, we get it! Joe has a lot on his plate right now between touring South America, filming the music video for the Jonas Brothers' upcoming track, "Pom Poms," and putting the finishing touches on their brand-new album. Fine, is paintballing a smidge AGGRO? Absolutely (I mean, just LOOK at Joe's mug for a sec -- he looks like he's about to tear some ish UP). That said, a little paintball sesh is still way better than Joe getting messy drunk or irresponsibly buying 12 new sports cars with 24K gold steering wheels. We guess what we're trying to say is, if Joe wants to fill fake guns up with colorful paint and splatter it on people, we say let him! Just wear some extra protection on that stunning face of yours, would 'ya?

Photo credit: Joe Jonas' Instagram