Star Spotting: We're Not Convinced Justin Bieber Isn't Wearing An Adult Diaper (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber wears saggy leopard purple pants in London.

That's a lot of look, Justin.

We're usually so good at reacting to Justin Bieber photos. Our "ooos" (like, over his new Greek "Chi" tattoo) are flawless and our "awwws" (like, when we see pics of him sharing quality time with his siblings) are perfection. But we don't know WHAT noise to make at Justin's horrifying drop-crotch pants situation in the above photo snapped in London. (Maybe "blehhhhhhh"?) It kinda looks like if LMFAO, Lady Gaga, and MC Hammer's stylists got together to for a game of dress-up! Also, can someone explain to us why JUSTIN IS WEARING TWO WATCHES SIMULTANEOUSLY!? Ain't NOBODY got time for that! (Unless they're Rolexes, then we definitely got time for that.)

Check out more photos of Justin Bieber's outfit in London after the jump!

 Justin Bieber wears saggy leopard purple pants in London.

Yo, Justin, what's with the dump-butt?!

The "Right Here" singer was photographed leaving his hotel in London in a VERY interesting ensemble. Justin's werquing a lot of look -- a spiky yellow cap, high-tops, and NUTS glasses -- but nothing catches our eye more than those PANTS. Is he wearing an oversize diaper in his oversize pants? How else does one explain the unprecedented level of dump-butt? Sure, maybe Justin just got a little carried away with his penchant for drop-crotch trousers, or maybe those are Justin's comfy travel pants. Hey, some people like to travel with fanny packs, while others prefer purple leopard-print slacks that make their backsides look like they pooped their pants.

Photo credit: FameFlynet

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