This Kimye 'Titanic' Painting Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Barf, Then Laugh Again

Kimye star as Jack and Rose in a joke "Titantic" painting.

Yes, someone really painted Kimye as Jack and Rose from "Titantic."

When you think of "classic love stories," you might look to tearjerker movies like "The Bridges Of Madison County," "An Affair To Remember," "Pretty Woman," "Ghost"....and yes, James Cameron's 1997 cry-fest, "Titantic." And as much as we love Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (and their unborn fetus), we wouldn't necessarily put them at the same mushy-sappy romance level with all of the above movies. Let's face it: Kanye would probably go on a testosterone-fueled tirade (again -- he's been on a roll with that lately) if Kim dragged him to see a friggin' movie starring Leo DiCaprio (unless it were something violent like "Django Unchained" -- then, maybe). But we just don't see Kanye stomaching a gooey chick flick like "Titanic" unless he was bribed...or strapped into a chair "A Clockwork Orange"-style. And that, my friends, is why you need to spend the next 20 minutes laughing, crying, barfing, squeeing, and basically dying over this Kimye-themed "Titantic" rendering.

Perhaps the best part of the whole "Kimye as Jack Dawson and Rose In 'Titantic'" thing is that the painting was originally intended to be sold at, wait for it... Whole Foods. Apparently the artist Paul Fuentes, who works as an in-store artist and graphic designer at NYC's Tribeca store, created the painting especially for Valentine's Day (which means we'd like to take HIM out on a belated Valentine's date to show our gratitude). And next time we're shopping for free-range chicken, organic pears, and pre-chewed walnuts (I DON'T KNOW, I SHOP AT TRADER JOE'S, ALRIGHT?), we're just gonna swing by Whole Foods' ART aisle (?!) to grab a painting of Kimye doing the "I'm FLYING, Jack" pose. Money WELL SPENT.

Photo credit: Paul Fuentes/Whole Foods