New Video: Ra Ra Riot, 'Dance With Me'

Watch Ra Ra Riot's new trippy video for "Dance With Me."

Ra Ra Riot get surreal (and chased by skeletons) in their "Dance With Me" video.

We've been having this recurring nightmare where we're being chased by a group of skeletons through a desolate city, and then end up in a nightclub fighting for our lives against the forces of evil and herky-jerky dancing (not sure which is scarier). Strangely, it seems like New York-based indie rockers Ra Ra Riot have been having the same dream, as it's VERY similar to their latest clip for "Dance With Me." (Note to self: Look into the idea of copyrighting our subconscious for future music video branding opportunities.) Like other songs on the group's recently released third album, Beta Love, the influences in the clip seem pulled from a cyberpunk dystopian future. (There's a lot of that going around lately).

Watch Ra Ra Riot's "Dance With Me" video after the jump.

The near seizure-inducing video for "Dance With Me" is directed by Christopher Mills, who recently explained that it's "about a lost and forgotten evening that could have been Ra Ra Riot's weird dream." It's a stark contrast to the song's sunny vibe, which bops along on an upstroke guitar riff and a cheerful melodic tone. The lyrics are similarly contrary. "I mostly feel I had a good day," Wes Miles sings, before reconsidering, "It wasn't that great." That's usually how it goes when you're getting chased around by skeletons, no matter how good your dance moves or your band's new jam. Still, it all makes for a pretty great video (and even better entry in our dream journal).

+ Watch Ra Ra Riot's "Dance With Me" video

Photo credit: Barsuk Records