Harry Styles Got Hit In The Crotch By A Shoe, But He Totally Rallied! (VIDEO)

Harry Styles of One Direction gets hit in the crotch by a fan-thrown shoe, but still carries on at a concert in Glasgow.


As a mega-famous pop star, One Direction's Harry Styles must be used to having stuff thrown his way onstage (like a bra, for example) -- call it an occupational hazard! But we don't think anything could've prepared Harry for someone chucking a pair of SHOES at him during a recent concert in Glasgow. Oh, and one landed in the WORST PLACE POSSIBLE (think below the hip and above the thighs -- yep, BAD). Perhaps he should take shoe-dodging lessons from our former President George W. Bush?

Watch Harry Styles rally after getting hit by a shoe after the jump.

In the below concert footage, the "One Way Or Another" singer cleared the first shoe unscathed, but just as he was caught off guard, Harry caught a second shoe... riiiight in the groin -- and down goes Styles. (Talk about waiting for the other shoe to drop, right? RIGHT? LOL.) Now, we just have to say: WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS, POTENTIALLY RUINING HARRY STYLES' UNBORN CHILDREN?!? The shoe thrower told a local Scottish paper that she "wanted him to touch something belonging to me." Oooook, we get that urge, but like, throw ANYTHING ELSE AND NOT DOWN THERE, PLEASE. That pain is not one we would wish on our worst enemy. But despite the embarrassment and obvious pain, Harry rallied and continued the concert (like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber before him)!

See that? Harry's commitment to his fans is yet another reason why we love him (y'know, besides the hair, his charity work, his masterful facial expressions... we could go on). Because if that were us on stage, the show would be over immediately -- "Sorry, BYEEEE." You're a pro, Harry! And remember, frozen peas work better than ice!!

+ Watch Harry Styles rally after being hit in the groin with a shoe.

Photo credit: YouTube