TATTOO ALERT! Justin Bieber Got The Greek Letter 'Chi' Inked On His Forearm (PHOTO)

Check out Justin Bieber's new "Chi" tattoo.

Meet Justin Bieber's new "Chi" tattoo!

Here we are again, back at the Justin Bieber Tattoo Watch HQ! (That building may only exist in my mind, but it'd be great if it was real, no?) Given that y'all are probably rabid JB Stans, we don't have to tell you that JB's latest stamp -- a Greek letter "Chi" on his forearm -- isn't the guy's first visit to the tattoo parlor. Indeed, the Biebs' new "X" is in good company next to his owl tattoo, his Jesus tattoo, his other Jesus tattoo, his Japanese music symbol tattoo, and his Stratford Cullitons ink.

So, why the Greek letter "Chi"? Although JB hasn't confirmed, the "American Association Of Tattoo Detectives" (again, another thing that may only exist in our minds) posits that Justin's Greek "Chi" is probably another testament to his faith. For those of you who skipped out on your "ancient languages" elective in sixth grade (i.e. ME), we'll alert you to the fact that "Chi" also means "Christ." And there you have it, folks! Mystery solved. Now, if only we could figure out the true inspiration behind JB's owl ink! Because that one haunts us to this day...

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram