Watch Justin Bieber And Drake’s ‘Right Here’ Lyric Video

Justin Bieber and Drake’s “Right Here” gets a claymation lyric video!

Let’s all flash back to last June when Justin Bieber’s Believe album came out, shall we? While y’all were fan-girling¬†over “As Long As You Love Me” and “Boyfriend,” this gal right here was GROOVIN’ to “Right Here,” Justin’s laid-back collabo with fellow Canadian Drake. So you can only imagine our excitement when we got word that “Right Here” would be Justin’s brand-new single. And to top it all off, it’s been molded (LOL) into a CLAYMATION lyric video!

Watch Justin Bieber and Drake’s “Right Here” lyric video after the jump.

As is the case with most lyric videos, there’s not much of a plot, save for some totally dope claymation featuring the lyrics to “Right Here” slithering in and around some speakers. Are we really missing a storyline here, though? NOPE, because truth be told, we’re too busy chilling out on the couch, nodding our heads, sipping on a little chilled somethin’, and loving this song too damn much to care that the video doesn’t show Justin or Drake.

Anyway, here’s what we recommend: Watch the “Right Here” lyric video, because CLAYMATION, re-watch yourselves some “Wallace and Gromit,” and then join us in fantasizing about what sort of EPIC Drake and JB bromance moments will go down in the song’s official video.

+¬†Watch Justin Bieber and Drake’s “Right Here” lyric video.

Photo credit: Island Def Jam