Star Spotting: One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Does The Perfect Pageant Wave (PHOTO)

Louis Tomlinson nails his pageant pose like a pro by waving to fans in Glasgow.

1D's Louis Tomlinson does the perfect pageant wave!

We were never much for pageants growing up (we were raised in a "take violin lessons after school or be disowned" kind of house), but we imagine that if we were a pageant girl, it would have taken us months, if not YEARS, to perfect the classic "pageant wave." (You know, the ones the beauty queens do when they're prancing around in their bikinis and wearing tiaras, and then answering pressing political questions in ball gowns!) But wanna know who has totally nailed his pageant wave form without even trying? Oh, just the One Direction member with the most voluminous hair on the block -- Louis Tomlinson!

Louis (and his royalty-worthy wave) was snapped as he and the rest of his "Kiss You" bros were caught sneaking into their sold-out gig at Glasgow, Scotland's SECC. And sure, the boys have had a lot of experience waving to/escaping from rabid 1D fans and executing difficult choreography, but still, it's not every day that you see a pageant wave done with such poise and grace, especially on the fly... and from a guy. All that said, Louis, if the 1D fame thing doesn't work out (although on what planet would that be the case?), we could TOTALLY see you raking in the big bucks acting as a "posing expert" on the next season of "America's Next Top Model." Keep your options open, man.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News