Jaden Smith Successfully Rocks Frosted Tips! (PHOTO)

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith rocks a frosted tip hairdo, and we're suddenly not sure what year it is!

The late '90s brought us a lot of things: Delias drawstring pants, butterfly hair clips, Britney Spears, boy bands, AND the infamous frosted tips hairstyle (we're looking at you Lance Bass, Nick Lachey, Joey Fatone, Justin Timberlake... and sooooo many more). Then, once the millennium hit, we thought (hoped, really) that the frosted tips look would disappear forever. But nope, Jaden Smith has officially resurrected the trend! Better yet, he knows how to do it right (aka not using your mom's leftover hair dye -- not that we know anything about that). Case in point: This recent photo of him in NYC rocking frosty tips like a BAWSSS.

The Smith clan member was snapped showing off his bi-colored locks while greeting fans in New York. But really, we're not TOO surprised that "The Coolest" singer would revive this look -- the 13-year-old is a MAY-JOR trendsetter. (You could even argue that Jaden's doing a male ombré dip-dyed thing. But that's another post for another time...) We're talking about a dude who can rock Russian-Arctic chic like NBD and has a VERY stylish family (hello, Willow Smith anyone?). Actually, we're starting to think Will and Jada must be feeding these kids big bowls of confidence for breakfast (which we imagine tastes like the S'mores Pop Tart flavor) instead of Wheaties. Because how often do teenage fashion choices actually end up being a GOOD idea?

Photo credit: Splash News