New Video: HeartsRevolution, 'Pop Heart' (NSFW)

HeartsRevolution have a bone to pick with pop culture in their "Pop Heart" video.

HeartsRevolution have a bone to pick with pop culture in their "Pop Heart" video.

The brash New York City electro-noise duo HeartsRevolution are coming out swinging in their latest video for "Pop Heart," the first song released from their upcoming RevolutionRising mixtape. The blisteringly colorful whirlwind of color takes aim at vapid internet culture and reality television in a dose of pop medicine that feels good going down, even as it tries to cure what ails us. We should probably cut back on the junk food and cat videos... at least a little bit.

Watch HeartsRevolution's "Pop Heart" video after the jump.

The trick of the song is that, as the title suggests, HeartsRevolution themselves have always had a pop heart, but they seem to suggest that the pop we intake needs to be a little bit smarter. The video, which opens with footage of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," the Kardashians, and Courtney Stodden, gives you an idea of who they're talking about. Although there's room for all sorts of beef talk throughout the video, the clip mostly finds the group's Ben Pollock and Lo Safai dancing in front of a series of increasingly tripped-out screensaver-like graphics from Lady Gaga to The Cobrasnake ('90s 4eva).

Pollock explained a bit about the video in a recent interview with Nylon. "As technology advances it appears we are morally and mentally declining as a nation. Reality TV, pop stars, buzz bands -- You are always being sold another product from 'The Machine'... We've noticed it even more with the explosion of social media platforms; people are more interested in watching a select few live their lives than actually following their hearts, dreams, and desires."

That's a good point, but it's sure a lot more fun to watch you guys have fun in the video than to stare at a computer screen thinking about OUR own boring lives -- so sue us. We've got a pop heart, too.

+ Watch HeartsRevolution's "Pop Heart" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Heartschallenger