Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Does (And NAILS) A Classic Michael Jackson Crotch Grab (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber grabs his crotch while dancing like Michael Jackson while in concert at Liverpool.

Justin Bieber does a Michael Jackson crotch-grab while performing in Liverpool, England!

First and foremost, let's get all those LOLs out of the way right now. YES, Justin Bieber is grabbing his crotch like he needs to run to the bathroom. *Snickers* Now that we got the giggles out, let's look at this photo like mature adults (OK, LOLOLOL to that, too!) and recognize that Justin's actually doing the crotch grab/pose/dance move made famous by the late Michael Jackson! Well, kinda. Yo, Justin, Michael's routine only included ONE glove! Those glittery gold numbers are pretty and all (and are probably made with real 24K gold judging by your recent "moneymaker" status), but details are everything, bro.

The "Boyfriend" singer was snapped grabbing for... a high note while performing on his "Believe Tour" in Liverpool, England, this past weekend. Now, we all know that Justin has his own badass moves, but sometimes you just get so caught up in the moment that nothing feels more natural than defaulting to the ol' crotch grab (it's a classic!). And we don't blame him! You should see us when we get in our zone on the dance floor. Actually, never mind. We wouldn't want to take the spotlight off Justin with our patented Moonwalk-"Single Ladies"-"Gangnam Style" montage. (Hire us! We're available for bar mitzvahs AND quinceañeras.)

Photo credit: WENN