New Video: Matt & Kim, 'It's Alright'

Matt and Kim

Matt & Kim give the term "bedroom dancing" a new meaning.

You ever wake up in bed with your significant other tangled in some truly inexplicable pretzel-like yoga poses and think, "WTF were we doing all night?" The new video for Matt & Kim's "It's Alright" may hold one potential answer: You've been dancing your butts off.

Watch Matt & Kim's "It's Alright" video after the jump.

The Brooklyn duo show off their eternal sunshine of the indie pop mind in the clip off last year's Lightning, which, aside from giving us a pretty killer idea for a new Olympic sport (synchronized sleeping!), also should serve as at least a brief glimpse into what the two look like in the bedroom, if you know what we mean -- some of those poses are pretty suggestive. Maybe all that boundless energy, matched by the bounce and swing of the optimistic track itself, explains how the duo stay in such good shape. (u look good, bbs).

"Maybe some day you'll show me the moves," Matt sings over a cavalcade of chimes and exuberant organ riffing. That's just what we were thinking. We're particularly interested in that ride-the-pony-pillow maneuver.

+ Watch Matt & Kim's "It's Alright" video.

Photo credit: Fader Label

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