Miley Cyrus And Kelly Osbourne Make An Elton John Sandwich At His 2013 Oscar Viewing Party! (PHOTOS)

Elton John gets sandwiched by Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne!

We’re not eating bread these days (fine, maybe one slice of that gluten-free stuff), but if we were consuming carbs, then we’d love it to be a delicious Kelly Osbourne, Elton John, and Miley Cyrus sandwich, preferably as takeout from the 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party. (Bet when those guys woke up this morning, they never thought they’d be compared to a tuna on rye, but hey, WE DID THAT.)

Check out more photos of Kelly Osbourne, Elton John, and Miley Cyrus after the jump.

Miley, Kelly, and Elton were snapped cozying up to one another at Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party. And yes, that’s the very same event where Britney debuted her brand-new brunette ’do! By the looks of it, the supertight trio had the best time EVER watching Jennifer Lawrence FALL on her way to accept an Oscar¬†the Oscars¬†while wearing haute couture and hobnobbing with exceptionally attractive people. As for you, Elton, we’ll just assume our invite for this year’s event got lost in the mail, but no worries. The homemade veggie chili we whipped up last night was just as delectable as the beluga caviar and Cristal champagne we’re assuming you served. I mean, who likes fish eggs anyway?! That ish is gnarly. But clearly this trio doesn’t mind, ’cause they are smooching up a storm. Fingers crossed that someone had a mint handy. Britney, you got one?

Photo credit: Getty Images

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