Adele Pulls A BRILLIANT 'Derp' Face At The 2013 Oscars (PHOTO)


Adele's Oscar "derp" face beats every other "derp" face EVER.

While y'all are giggling over Jennifer Lawerence's slip up the stairs before accepting her Best Actress Oscar at the 85th Annual Academy Awards (you handled that fall like a PRO, Jen!), we're over here EXCLAIMING over the incredible "derp" face Adele pulled earlier on the red carpet. (In case you need a "derp" face refresher, please see Selena Gomez's take while getting her toes done). That's right, not only did the Grammy winner (and now Oscar winner for Best Original Song!) BRING DOWN THE EFFING HOUSE with her stellar "Skyfall" performance, she also did a pretty convincing portrayal of "the famous musician who just got a huge whiff of an A-lister's really bad cologne." Or maybe Kristin Chenoweth took her shoes off on the red carpet again. We'll never know.

The "Someone Like You" singer was snapped derping it up on the Oscar red carpet, simultaneously reminding us why we will adore her forever and beyond. Because while all those movie stars were posing for the camera, showing off their designer looks, and smizing within every inch of their lives, Adele was being adorable, rocking giant retro eyelashes, and -- WHOOPS! -- dropping an IDGAF "derp" like a boss. (We're sure it was a candid photo accident, but even when Adele's looking awkward, she's still the most endearing famous person we stalk wish we knew.) Between this hilarz photo moment and that time Kelly Clarkson photobombed Ellen DeGeneres at the Grammys, we would officially give anything to become photo booth BFFs with these gals. Think of the potential faces!! (We're practicing our "derps" now.)

Photo credit: Getty Images