New Song: Frank Ocean, 'Eyes Like Sky'

Listen to Frank Ocean's "Eyes Like Sky."

Even Frank Ocean's reject songs are Grammy-worthy hits!

Wanna know why we think Frank Ocean is winning at life? Aside from the time we saw him dancing with Taylor Swift? Oh, just when the reject songs that DIDN'T make it on to his two-time Grammy Award-winning Channel Orange album are so beautiful, we barely have the words to articulate it (it just comes out something like "duhhhhh guhhhhhh"). And on that note, please cue "Eyes Like Sky," a new Frank Ocean track rumored to have been written during his Channel Orange sessions but, for reasons we simply cannot comprehend, didn't make it on to the final record.

Listen to Frank Ocean's "Eyes Like Sky" after the jump.

We (and the rest of the free world for that matter) could not be MORE PSYCHED that Frank Ocean's written nearly a dozen songs for his upcoming sophomore album. And while we're bummed that we still can't listen to it yet (uhghhhhh!), we'll just have to satiate ourselves with Frank's gorgeous, recently leaked track, "Eyes Like Sky." A mostly acoustic, guitar-driven ballad, "Eyes Like Sky" is a classic Frank record (love that we can say that now!) filled with lush melodies brought to life by his velvety pipes. As the guitar chords lilt, Frank croons, "And the same boy/ With sunken eyes saw me/ And described yellow so perfectly." So what have we learned here? Frank Ocean can do no absolutely no wrong, and even the songs he writes while waiting for his pasta water to boil have Grammy potential.

+ Listen to Frank Ocean's "Eyes Like Sky."

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