New Song: Juicy J Featuring The Weeknd, 'One Of Those Nights' (NSFW)

Juicy J and The Weeknd team up on new song "One Of Those Nights"

Juicy J and The Weeknd play well together on "One Of Those Nights."

We honestly wouldn't expect Juicy J and The Weeknd to team up -- Juicy is a hype, trippy kinda dude, and The Weeknd is more the pensive, sit-in-front-of-a-candle-all-night type. We wouldn't even expect them to go party-hopping together, let alone release a song together, but like our favorite chocolate-meets-peanut butter snack, the duo's differing styles complement each other on Juicy's latest track, "One Of Those Nights," from his upcoming solo album, Stay Trippy. While the dark, creeping beat could be construed as a classic Abel Tesfaye production, it actually harkens back to Juicy's early days in Three 6 Mafia. (See? These guys have more in common than they thought.) Don't worry about Juicy mellowing out too hard, however, because he's still spitting his signature lyrics about girlz, drugz, and "champagne-poppin'" partying.

Listen to Juicy J featuring The Weeknd's "One Of Those Nights" after the jump.

"I'ma visit the sky today/ I'ma dance on the clouds today/ and make it rain on everybody beneath us/ just cause they try, doesn't mean they can be us," The Weeknd croons above sparse synths and piano strokes, followed by a shoulder-shrugging, hip-shaking drum pattern. Later, Juicy rhymes on the track about stealing your girlfriend, going HAM all night, and how it's pointless to try to compare bank accounts with him: "Got a house on the hill costs a couple of mill/ Juicy J got bank like Uncle Phil." (Uh YES, Fresh Prince references are seriously always welcome.) You know what? These dudes should hang out more often.

Listen to Juicy J featuring The Weeknd's "One Of Those Nights" (NSFW).

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