Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Has A Broken Leg, Not A Broken Spirit! (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato walks with a cane to a 2013 Brit Awards after party.

Demi Lovato rocks a walking cane to the Brit Awards after parties.

You might recall how Demi Lovato recently broke her leg after slipping on a newly polished floor (this is why nobody should actually do the Tom Cruise-"Risky Business" slide), but that hasn't stopped her from being her fabulous self! (Rise above, Demi!) First, she showed us that a bum leg won't prevent her from belting it out in the studio, and now, Demi rocked a walking cast AND cane while heading to some 2013 Brit Awards after-parties! We repeat: Demi ditched lame crutches and went out partying with a walking cane! #Impressive. Also, we're betting that walking canes will be the next big trend for 2014. Broken leg or no broken leg.

The "Heart Attack" singer was snapped heading to a Brit Awards after party, and while most people would've hobbled home, feeling all kinds of sadz that they had to miss out on all the after-hours events (like catching Taylor Swift and Frank Ocean dancing together), Demi was all "Um, nope. I'm gonna take my badass, cane-walking self and have a good time." Because that's what ridiculously talented pop stars do -- WHATEVER THE EFF THEY WANT. Now, please make ample room when you step aside, 'cause it's hard to stomp away to prove a point when you have a giant cast on your leg.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News