Album Premiere: Gold Fields, 'Black Sun'

Gold Fields Black Sun

Stream Gold Fields' "Black Sun" album before it drops next week!

2013's already shaping up to be a defining year for Australian dance masters Gold Fields. Playing Cut Copy-meets-Bloc Party dark-horse party singles, Gold Fields' tightly wound minor-key electro-pop arrangements are not only a pleasure to witness in concert, but they're basically begging for a spot on every DJ's playlist -- especially the ones who can't get enough new wave. Now, after releasing a self-titled EP in 2011, working the 2012 SXSW circuit, and touring all over the U.S., they're just on the cusp of unveiling their first full-length album, Black Sun.

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Featuring hook-ridden harmonies and pounding tribal drums, Black Sun is a dark-meets-light pop force to be reckoned with. Gold Fields show off their ability to arrange each song side by side so that each track, which could easily be a successful single all on its own, effortlessly blends into the next, paying homage to the (arguably) lost "art of the album." You might recognize the outfit's already-released singles "Dark Again" and "Happy Boy," but you'll be pleased to hear a strong collection of new tracks, including "Closest I Could Get," a song that sounds uncannily similar to Rick Astley's 1987 banger "Never Gonna Give You Up." That's just Black Sun's way -- as contemporary as their track list gets, channeling everyone from the Arctic Monkeys to Friendly Fires, Gold Fields are at their best when they spiral into '80s new wave (see: "Ice" for your daily dose of Depeche Mode).

Dig in to Black Sun below, then watch out for its release on Feb. 26 via Astralwerks Records.

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Photo credit: Astralwerks