Beyoncé Goes Pop Art In Her Latest Pepsi Ad! (PHOTO)


Beyoncé gets the pop art treatment for Pepsi!

What happens when the flawlessness of Beyoncé meets the artistic brilliance of Andy Warhol? You get THIS AH-MAZING pop art masterpiece! We already knew that Bey was Pepsi's official spokesperson (and got paid a pretty $50 million in the process), but no one told us that their advertisements were going to be the new focus decor in our house (once we find out how to get an actual print -- for now, screenshot it is). Also, does anyone else want to sign our petition to get this image hung next to the Mona Lisa at the Lourve?

The "I Was Here" singer shared the image on her Instagram, probably to remind us that she can not only look demure in black and white, but she can also ROCK Edie Sedgwick-influenced neon hair and blue eye shadow like a boss. And look at those adorbz facial expressions!! (Side note: We've seen that super cute fish face before, remember?!) Just to clarify: If B's "Life Is But A Dream" documentary didn't convince you that this woman should be immortalized as the QUEEN OF EVERYTHING, then this image should pretty much seal the deal. But seriously, how can we get a gigantic print to add to our very serious Beyoncé Shrine art collection?

Photo credit: @baddiebey