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Travis Garland: stunning biceps AND voice!

We're a little too busy looking at Travis Garland's FACE and GUNS to read this piece, except we humbly recommend that you do. Because alongside those bulging muscles and handsome mug is an exceptionally talented musician who you might remember from the boy band NLT (p.s. Kevin McHale from "Glee" was also a member!) and a stint on "American Idol" where he sang the Danja-produced "Believe." To top that off, Ryan Seacrest also called Travis out as one of the Best New Artists of 2012, which shouldn't seem too surprising, as bro is already an honorary member of the "Idol" posse.

Watch Travis Garland's "Where To Land" video and listen to more music after the jump.

Flash forward to present day: In between being the king of covers (do yourself a favor and check out his rendition of Bruno Mars' "Locked Out Of Heaven"), the Lubbock, Texas, native is on deck to release his Fashionably Late Volume II EP (out March 4)the second installment to his free-to-download (!!!) Fashionably Late series. Once Volume II drops, Travis Stans will get a bevvy of new jams, including Travis' falsetto-friendly, panty-dropping, might-as-well-be-Usher new single, "Where To Land." In fact, the panty-dropping quality of Travis' "Where To Land" is so PRIME, you might wanna do yourself a favor and schedule at least one OKCupid date for next week. And we'll leave it at that.

Look out for Fashionably Late Volume II when it drops on March 4.

+ Watch Travis Garland's "Where To Land" video, listen to more of his songs here, and cop a free download of Fashionably Late.

Photo credit: Travis Garland

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