Video Premiere: Doe Eye, 'Hotel Fire'

Watch Doe Eye's "Hotel Fire" video.

Doe Eye attends a noir house party in her new "Hotel Fire" video.

Typically when you hear about a new band, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, "I wonder where they got their name from?" No such issue here with Maryam Qudus, aka Doe Eye; the answer becomes obvious about 20 seconds into the video for her song "Hotel Fire," off the John Vanderslice-produced Hotel Fire EP. In fact, the only thing more smoldering than the San Francisco vocalist's gaze is the literally smoldering fire engulfing the track's titular hotel.

Watch Doe Eye's "Hotel Fire" video after the jump.

The song itself is pretty smoking, too, for that matter. Taken from her September release, it's a quick two-and-a-half minutes of rapid-fire drum explosions, dirty creeping bass, and noir-guitar slices over which Qudus hovers like a lovelorn wraith, albeit with more than a few crooning jazz classic records in her collection.

"I sit in this black room, hope the light will come back soon," she sings in a rundown hotel room with only an old record player for company. "I searched the world to find it, I'm the darkness you need to light it." Elsewhere in the hotel a party rages on, while other inhabitants lurk in the shadows, and later, a full-blown fire.

The Buzz On artist, who was a finalist in Billboard magazine's 2012 Battle of the Bands, and Unsigned Artist of the Month on both Fuse TV and in Alternative Press magazine, shot the video in an abandoned apartment building in San Francisco where she had been practicing with her band. The decrepit old space is a natural fit for the song's sense of crumbling love, although, if we may, perhaps a name change to Smokey Eyes, or better yet, Smokey Voice might be in order for the next release.

+ Watch Doe Eye's "Hotel Fire" video.

Photo credit: Laura Ho and Kimberly Ky

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