Star Spotting: Taylor Swift And Frank Ocean Get Down On The Dance Floor (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift and Frank Ocean dance at a 2013 Brit Awards after party.

Taylor Swift and Frank Ocean ARE DANCING TOGETHER!

Yes, Taylor Swift is the resident "I'm gonna have lots of breakups with famous cute boys and then write about them" pop star, but Frank Ocean isn't too far behind! Because you and I both know that "Thinkin' Bout You" was toooootally inspired by real-life events, which, if you think about it, kinda sorta makes Frank Ocean the male Taylor?! (Don't quote us on that -- we're just speculating!) And of course that makes this photo of them dancing together at the Universal Music BRIT Awards party even MORE THRILLING!

Even though we can barely take our eyes off of Taylor's ridiculously long stems and Frank's AMAZING FLOWER SHIRT, we looked at their faces just long enough to deduce that Frank is thoroughly enjoying himself while Taylor is clearly excited to be in a fellow Grammy performer's presence! (They can/should compare stories!! And a Justin Timberlake cameo would make the circle complete!!)

Not to be totally predictable, but wouldn't this photo make the most STUNNING cover art for a hypothetical, R&B-tinged, country/pop Taylor and Frank collaboration? Perhaps "Never Ever Thinkin' About You Ever?" If they're not gonna collaborate, then maybe these two should at least pop out for a quick lunch date sometime to talk about how funny it is that they're making a solid living off their bad-date/boyfriend stories.

Photo credit: Getty Images