New Video: A Rocket To The Moon, 'Ever Enough'

Watch A Rocket To The Moon's "Ever Enough" video starring Debby Ryan.

Disney starlet Debby Ryan stars in A Rocket To The Moon's latest video, "Ever Enough."

The wait for A Rocket To The Moon's forthcoming Wild & Free album feels a lot like waiting for our favorite Chanel bags to go on sale... aka IMMENSELY PAINFUL!! The sad part is, Chanel bags don't go on sale IRL (unless you're a better sample sale shopper than we are), but Wild & Free WILL finally be out on March 26. And to tide us over until the album's due date, the "Whole Lotta You" singers have just released a brand-new video for their Ever Emotional ballad "Ever Enough."

Watch A Rocket To The Moon's "Ever Enough" video after the jump.

Featuring Disney starlet Debby Ryan ("The Suite Life on Deck"), the plot-driven video shows Debby and lead singer Nick Santino on a romance-fueled road trip through the desert. That all sounds well and good/wild & free, but we soon learn that Debby is sick and has busted out of the hospital with Nick to live out whatever time she had left. As ridiculously SADZ as that is, the couple still manage to make the most of things by roaming around a light-filled casino, exchanging dusty lovey-dovey moments in the desert, and getting married in an Elvis-run Vegas chapel! (Um, is this starting to remind anyone of "A Walk To Remember"? Nicholas Sparks, are you writing this down?!)

We won't spoil the ending for you (well, the video does kind of leaves us hanging), but we will say that TRUE LOVE prevails! Also, not to start saying inappropriate-in-the-moment things, but how does Debby Ryan look so gorgeous even while being sick? Can the video's makeup artist give us a call ASAP?

Watch A Rocket To The Moon's "Ever Enough" video.

Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen