Video Premiere: DeStorm Power, 'King Kong'

DeStorm Power is a janitor unchained in his latest video for "King Kong."

DeStorm Power is the dopest janitor of all time in his "King Kong" video.

Meet DeStorm Power (yes, we are thoroughly impressed that his name includes both "storm" and "power"). He's already won an American Music Award, collabed with Talib Kweli on "Finally Free," and has been profiled by both Forbes and Wired. We should also point out that the dude has a total social reach of 177 million, which is just a fancy way of saying that if you haven't heard of him, YOU MIGHT WANNA TRY AND STEP UP YOUR COOL STATUS a bit. Which brings us to our most important point: DeStorm's brand-new video is literally called "King Kong" (such a badass move), in case you needed one more reason to internet stalk the crap out of him.

Watch DeStorm Power's "King Kong" video after the jump.

In his "King Kong" video, DeStorm convincingly plays a mighty janitor who goes around in giant headphones rocking out to his own music (natch). Unfortunately, after finishing his rounds, DeStorm Power somehow ends up wrapped in a pile of massive chains (don't you hate it when that happens? It's gotta be a metaphor for "all the haterz," right?). True to his song title, "King Kong" prevails and finds a way to bust the eff outta the bondage and go on doing his thing. Also, massive props to DeStorm for turning a Windex spritzer into a weapon. Not that we're into weapons at all, but when you're being eating alive by giant chains, sometimes a "Windex gun" is your best option. It also makes for a great first impression.

Watch DeStorm Power's "King Kong" video.

Photo credit: DeStorm Power