Rihanna's 25th Birthday Party Was All Rastafari Cake, Balloons, And Snuggly Chris Brown Polaroids (PHOTOS)


Rihanna Instagrammed the ISH out of her 25th birthday party! Our invite must've gotten lost in the mail...

We knew we could count on Rihanna to post a BAZILLION pictures of her 25th birthday on the internet (which was just yesterday -- our present came in GIF form). Because when does Rihanna NOT tell us everything going on in her life? (Seriously, we'd feel like voyeurs if we weren't convinced Ri wanted us to see her naked.) And the "Birthday Cake" singer certainly lived up to her social media standards at her 25th birthday party with pics of a Rastafari-themed birthday cake (which came complete with a gold marijuana leaf, duh), balloons, and yep, cuddly Chris Brown Polaroids.

Check out more pictures of Rihanna's birthday party after the jump.

Rihanna chronicled her 25th birthday bonanza by posting a slew of Instagram photos with captions like, "Put this #cake in ya face! I made him lick all this icing off! Lol," and "#birthdaybehavior." We guess it's only fitting that Rihanna should invite her "Birthday Cake" cohort to her party (she and Chris DID look super cozy at the 2013 Grammys), but OK, it's just, UGH. We're stalling. This is what happens now when we see R and C hang out. We get caught somewhere between "Yay, Rihanna is a happy and glowing girlfriend!!" and "WHYYYY F$##**$$!!!!!" Rihanna, we love you, and we know it's your party and you'll eat cake with Chris Brown if you want to, but you'll just have to excuse us for a sec while we stare at the wall for an hour chanting, "It's 'Nobody's Business'...it's 'Nobody's Business'..."



Rihanna's 25th birthday

Photo credit: @badgalriri