New Video: Miguel, 'Candles In The Sun'

Watch Miguel's "Candle In The Sun" video.

Miguel sheds a light on societal issues in his "Candles In The Sun" video.

At this point we're accustomed to seeing Miguel in full party mode -- well, that's where we thought his priorities lay after listening to such panty-dropping/drug-referencing tracks like "The Thrill" and "Do You." But you'd better believe the neo-soul crooner is capable of asking life's bigger questions like, "Does God exist?" and shining a light on, well, less lighthearted fare. For his "Candles In The Sun" video, the latest single off Kaleidoscope Dream, the "Washington Heights" guest music supervisor asks us to think a liiiiittle harder about the world around us. Meaning: Miguel will sing you to sleep while teaching you how to be a better human being.

Watch Miguel's "Candles In The Sun" video after the jump.

As Miguel ask-sings "Candle"'s burning questions ("Is there a God?/ Is he watching?"), we come face-to-face with black-and-white images of drugs, guns, families mourning over fallen soldiers, and the NYC aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Man, that's a heavy load for Miguel to carry. At least he's there to sing you through the sorrow -- in a super stylish popped-collar trench and motorcycle boots, no less (Who knew grief looked so good?). Check "Candles In The Sun" below, and excuse me while I pray for someone to get on a "Candles In The Sun"/"Candle In The Wind" Miguel/Elton John mashup.

Watch Miguel's "Candles In The Sun" video.

Photo credit: RCA