Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Rocks Amish Couture At The 2013 Brit Awards (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift wears an Amish-looking dress at the 2013 Brit Awards.

A cleavage-less Taylor Swift performs at the 2013 Brit Awards.

We've spent some time discussing Taylor Swift's (and Selena Gomez's, for that matter) recent plunge into "Deep V"-style cleavage, and have come to the conclusion that it's basically a perky giant "EFF YOU" to all their exes (Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, respectively). However, Taylor underwent a drastic 180 in the cleavage department during her 2013 Brit Awards performance in what can only be described as a totally covered, revealing-zero-body-parts piece of Amish Couture! Or, in simpler terms, a many-layered, high-necked, puffy-sleeved white ball gown. Or a "Wedding Singer" bridal prop. Or Taylor's best cupcake impression. We COULD go on. But we won't.

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Taylor began her 2013 Brit Awards rendition of "I Knew You Were Trouble." in the weirdly modest ensemble, but halfway through the song, as if a good duckling were transforming into a sexy swan, Taylor ripped off her gown to debut a much sexier, "Harry Styles is in the audience so I'd better look BANGIN'" outfit. And sure, "success" is probably the best revenge... but so is having legs for days and the tiniest waist since Scarlett O'Hara. #WINNING.

Taylor Swift performs "I Knew You Were Trouble." at the 2013 Brit Awards

Photo credit: Getty Images

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