Star Spotting: Despite Her General Perfection, Britney Spears Is NOT Above Carrying Breath Mints (PHOTO)

Britney Spears goes shopping while eating Tic Tacs.

Britney Spears wards off bad breath with Tic Tacs... JUST LIKE US!

You'd think an absolutely flaw-free famous person like Britney Spears wouldn't get bad breath, and even if she did, you'd think she'd have some sort of only-available-to-celebrities elixir to eliminate the stench in an instant (it would probs come bottled in a limited-edition diamond-encrusted container or something). But guys, this photo proves that Brit takes down bad breath with everyday mints just like the rest of us normal people! We've never felt so close to Britney. Aside from her SUPER SUCCESSFUL music career, adorbz sons, gazillions of dollars, and tons of famous friends, we're like, pretty much the same person!

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Britney Spears goes shopping while eating Tic Tacs.

We hate when Tic Tacs stick to the bottom too, Brit!

The "Scream & Shout" singer was snapped downing the breath fresheners while shopping in Los Angeles. And judging by the way she finished the whole box, we're either gonna assume that she had some feisty garlic bread for lunch or that she has the same problem as us (another thing we'd SO have in common!) where she can't just have ONE piece of candy (seriously, don't even look at us when Skittles are present -- it ain't pretty). What we do know, however, is that girl looks fresh out of mints and better add it to her next grocery list, STAT! You NEVER want to bump into all your super famous friends (*sigh* that's something we'll never have in common with Britney) with some serious stank breath.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News