The Buzz On: Doe Eye

Check out San Francisco's Doe Eye.

DOE EYE: There ain't no party like a West Coast party.

Meet San Francisco success story Doe Eye, aka singer-songwriter Maryam Qudus. And we say "success story" because how often is it a musician goes from being a virtually unknown college student to winning Billboard magazine's "Battle Of The Bands" West Coast division and recording an EP with veteran producer John Vanderslice (Nada Surf, Mates Of State) and Magik*Magik Orchestra? No, sorry, that does not happen often.

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You kind of have to hand it to Doe Eye for (gently) pushing her way to the front of the indie singer-songwriter line, though we're guessing her rich, old-soul ballads would've been discovered/celebrated/listened to over and over again regardless. Initially gaining traction with her first EP, Run Run Run, Qudus has been named FUSE AND Alternative Press' Unsigned Artist Of The Month -- plus, remember that little thing with Billboard magazine's Battle Of The Bands? And did we mention that renowned West Coast musician/producer John Vanderslice helped Doe Eye develop her 2012 EP, Hotel Fire? Yes? Well, how about that he's producing her upcoming debut LP? We believe the word you're searching for is "CRED."

Best heard on her two outstanding EPs, Doe Eye creates intense, string-soaked arrangements backed by brutally honest lyrics. Though she is queen of the soulful slow jam, Doe Eye is plenty capable of changing it up: Hotel Fire's six-song set features a title track that shifts into Radiohead grunge-era territory via distorted guitar and Qudus' edgy, bluesy vocals. Also check out her heartfelt San Francisco love letter, "Run Across This City" (well, "bike across this city" might be a more accurate title, but we digress).

In addition to her upcoming full-length in 2013, Doe Eye is set to perform at San Francisco's Noise Pop Festival, running Feb. 26 to March 3, alongside other West Coast outfits such as Toro y Moi, Rogue Wave, and The Thermals. "Run Run Run" into Doe Eye below.

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Photo credit: Laura Ho and Kimberly Ky