New Video: Bat For Lashes, 'Lilies'

Bat For Lashes

Bat For Lashes goes where the wild things are in her new "Lilies" video.

Perhaps 2013 is shaping up to be the year of the monsters. A day after Cloud Cult dropped their creature-filled video for "Good Friend," Bat For Lashes' Natasha Khan pals around with a trio of people-size fantasy beasts in "Lilies," which is off of her latest album, The Haunted Man. From right to left, we have a fang-blob, a Death Rooster, and an eyeless fish, all future stars in "Nightmares We're Going to Have Tonight" (directed by Spike Jonze and due in the summer of 2014). But after they make a claw-handed introduction, the group just hugs it out to "Lilies"! Phew. Stick around for the parts where our heroine makes an avian transformation and becomes a steampunk knight -- it only gets more awesome.

Watch Bat For Lashes' "Lilies" video after the jump.

The animated, imaginative scenes share time with Khan dancing against a backdrop of stars, rocking a black bikini, a couple hundred hours of yoga practice, and a lot of gratitude. "Thank God I'm alive," Khan wails at the song's climax, barfing out a godlike stream of birds, beasts, water, and lighting. Namaste! Now we feel really bad about eating Thin Mints for breakfast, THANKS FOR BEING PERFECT, BAT FOR LASHES.

+ Watch Bat For Lashes' "Lilies" video.

Photo credit: EMI

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