New Video: HAIM, 'Falling'

Watch HAIM's "Falling" video.

HAIM get back to nature in their "Falling" video.

While some nature survivalists might disagree, the first thing you're going to want to do if you find yourself out in the wilderness is to fashion yourself a pair of super kewt cutoff denim shorts. Because you never know when a camera crew is going to wander by, and you want to make sure you've allowed yourself as much flexibility as possible for that night's spooky dance party around the campfire. Basic survival skills here. And Los Angeles sister trio HAIM know what we're talking about in their new video for "Falling."

Watch HAIM's "Falling" video after the jump.

We already spent all of our Fleetwood Mac comparisons when this #70s #sienna #polaroid song first came out, but in HAIM's jungle context it sounds more like Feist fronting Yeasayer -- somebody make that happen, OK?

The girls aren't just looking pretty in the clip (the title track off their EP out March 1), they're also getting their hands dirty with some real outdoorsy sports action -- fishing bare-handed and shooting arrows. They may not be on their Katniss ish quite yet, but practice makes perfect. When they aren't reenacting an episode of Man Vs. Wild, they're playing out scenes from every photo you've ever seen of your 50-something mom from when she was young, right down to the images of a roaring fire casting tiger-like shadows on her face. Long story, but suffice to say the '70s were a pretty psychedelic time.

+ Watch Haim's "Falling."

Photo credit: National Anthem/Polydor Records